The City of Toronto taking legal action with Morgan Rielly and Tessa Virtue

Fred Maltes
June 10, 2024  (11:21)

The City of Toronto taking legal action with Morgan Rielly and Tessa Virtue
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Public controversy for another member of the Toronto Maple Leafs as defenseman Morgan Rielly and his wife find themselves in a legal battle with the City of Toronto.

The couple, who recently shared the delightful news of their impending parenthood, are now navigating a dispute over their $6.4 million home's exterior.
Located in a historically significant district of Toronto, the property acquired by Rielly and Virtue in 2022 falls under stringent heritage preservation guidelines.
Despite their intentions to freshen up their residence by changing the original red brick to a modern white finish, the city's heritage department stepped in, halting the project abruptly. The move came as a shock to the couple, who were already mid-way through the painting process.
The concept of a "heritage home" might evoke charm and prestige, but it comes with a web of regulations that homeowners must navigate.
For Rielly and Virtue, their home's status has meant that even minor modifications like painting require prior approval from city officials—a fact they were painfully reminded of during their recent renovation efforts.
As the case gains media traction, public opinion seems divided. Some residents support the strict enforcement of heritage rules to preserve the city's architectural history, while others argue for more flexibility in personalizing properties, especially when such changes seem superficial.
The resolution of this dispute hangs in the balance, with a decision expected on June 11th. The outcome will determine whether the couple can resume their renovations or if they must restore the property's original appearance, adding stress as they prepare for their new family member.
Meanwhile, Rielly continues to focus on his career, coming off a solid season with the Maple Leafs where he notched 7 goals and 58 points across 72 games, despite a brief suspension. His performance remains a beacon of professionalism amid personal and public challenges.
This case underscores the complexities of owning a heritage property and highlights the delicate balance between preservation and modern living. As Rielly and Virtue await the verdict, they serve as a high-profile example of the broader conversation about heritage conservation in urban settings.
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The City of Toronto taking legal action with Morgan Rielly and Tessa Virtue

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